Monday, June 18, 2012

Catskills weekend

 Saturday morning I raced to the farmers market for a waffle (read more about that here) but the waffle people weren't there! I consoled myself with banana bread, cherry tomatoes and strawberries.

 In the store I put out a new batch of racy potholders. Even though I'm closing the store, I had to get them. They are made by a young woman in Boston, and the kitschy outdoorsy themes are perfect for the Catskills.

 Father's Day was Sunday so I took this instant ancestor out of the storage room to enjoy the day. At $35 I think someone with a sense of humor will want him in their home.

 I still have plenty of rustic cabin decor. Everything is now 30% off. I want it gone by the end of August so I don't have to carry it downstairs and store it somewhere!

 I planned on some natural history reading this weekend, but ended up with an old-fashioned spy novel. I am toying with a theory: You want to read about something different than where you are. If I'm in the woods I don't want to read someone else's memoir about rural life, but if I'm in the city I do. Or maybe that's just my lazy excuse for wanting to read a page turner.

This was my Saturday cocktail hour: on the deck within sight and sound of the waterfall-- strawberries from the farmer's market, seltzer, and a Helen MacInnes novel. I've never read her before, but I do have a fondness for spy novels. Alan Furst is a favorite--his World War II novels are understated, dark and moody, filled with train trips through Bulgaria, covert actions in Romania, love affairs in Paris...


  1. Hello Jen:
    Oh how we love the idea of purchasing an 'instant ancestor'. We have eyed up several possible, rather severe looking, Hungarians in various second hand stores over the years but have never quite found someone whom we could happily adopt as our own. Your portrait rather reminds us of Harold Wilson,perhaps it has something to do with the pipe?

    As for the racy potholders....are the Catskills ready for this? If this is what life is really like in the great outdoors, then we need to pack our backpacks [or field bag] and head in your direction immediately.

    We do so hope that things are going well with the store closing and that you are happy with your decision. Soon, pastures new will beckon....!!

  2. Oh! These pictures of your shop are so interesting to me. If I was there I would certainly buy the two pictures on the slices of wood. I love them and I would have to buy some of your bundles of books. I think that is the most cleaver idea. And your "instant ancestor" is so fun. The strawberries look delicious! Great post!

  3. i wish there was more time. lisa and i could make a holiday in the catskills, visiting your shop and reading bundles of books!

  4. what a beautiful weekend. this is the kind of summer i love!

  5. My favorite way to spend time -- sitting on the porch with good fruit and a good book.

  6. Your Saturday cocktail hour sounds just perfect to me Jen :-)!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  7. Those potholders are a riot, no wonder you couldn't resist. The instant ancestor seems a litle stodgy and a little drunk all at once, will certainly liven up the old family reunion. Summer is definitely here!

  8. Always something different from where you are. I've packed away my desires for fiction since starting to try to learn plants, but you are luring me back in, providing the bridge back. (i also dig the racy potholders..i think they would sell well in Hudson.)

  9. Had to imagine that the potholders peeking out behind were too racy to show on a family blog. Made me chuckle this morning. My husband Jay reads Alan Furst. Has a request in on his latest one at the library. Can't force literary inspiration, so relax with a good book and ideas will just start popping out.

    1. Next time I'm there I will take pictures of all the potholders to share--none too racy for here! All very 50's pinup.

  10. Those budles of books have capture my eye... And I am with you Jen. I also like to read something complitely defferent that what I do ( or were I am)
    and... banana bread, cherry tomatoes and strawberries sounds like a perfect consolation ; )

  11. Jen,
    What a great weekend, totally jealous! Bet your weather up there is a lot better then our 90 degrees here! Love the potholders, what a hoot! I kind of like instant ancestor, looks kind of "jolly"!

  12. Hi, Jen

    I came here late because of my personal matter, though I enjoyed your post as always."You want to read about something different than where you are." It's reasonable theory(^^)