Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I received this sweet magnet made from an old photo by Annette of Chasing Lightning Bugs. Don't they look like they are having fun? And they are near a military academy, so maybe they were visiting their fellas.

I was reminded me of a book giveaway Monica of ink & chai did (here). I am borrowing her idea and giving away these books.

Just mention in the comments which book you would like (and maybe include a second choice). International friends included. No hoops to jump through, but preference will be given to people who have visited here before.

The books are:

ten poems to change your life, by Roger Housden
Birds in Fall, by Brad Kessler
An Appetite for Passion Cookbook, by Laura Esquivel
The Bookseller of Kabul, by Asne Seierstad
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, by J.K. Rowling
the new work of dogs, by Jon Katz

Edit: All books except Harry Potter have a home. Please let me know if you would like it or if you would like a surprise book. This was fun--I'll do it again soon.



  1. A lovely gift! Anette is a sweetheart : )

    this is such a wonderufl and generous idea
    In case I win I trust to to choose for me between: ten poems to change your life and An Appetite for Passion Cookbook and Birds in Fall

    love to you Jen xoxo

  2. OOH Jen, count me in please! I would love to win either 10 poems to change your life or the appetite for passion cookbook!!

  3. What a lovely idea. I would love the 10 poems or Bookseller of Kabul. Love the magnet ... great way of displaying old photos. M x

  4. Lovely generous giveaway Jen.
    You are very good.

    Great magnet too.

    Happy week

    Fiona x

  5. Hello Jen:
    We love old black and white photographs and have, quite recently, started collecting them of people and places we do not know. Previously, they have been of relations or acquaintances, sadly now long dead, but this new departure for us does lead to all manner of thinking about who the people were and what became of them. So too with your young women. They do seem very engaged and lively. It could well be, as you suggest, the excitement following a visit to their beaux!!

    Your giveaway is so very generous but, as we were so very fortunate to win the field bag [which is in almost daily use]on a previous giveaway we feel that we should not be included this time.

  6. What a generous--and great!--idea. I'd be delighted to be entered in your giveaway, and am intrigued by The Bookseller of Kabul & Birds in Fall...

    Thank you!

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  8. 1. ten poems to change your life, by Roger Housden
    2. Birds in Fall, by Brad Kessler
    Good idea Jen. I should do this with some of the books I was saving for a yard sale.

    The magnet is a great idea. My mom did a calendar of old photos one year for us for Christmas. It was so cool.

  9. I love Jon Katz. Is the new work of dogs still available?

    xo Jane

    1. Yes! Have you read his other books? I've read them all and love them.

  10. You are a reader of diverse fierls. I'm impressed! As for birds, before you mentioned about "To kill the mockingbird" which is one of my favourite.

    1. That is one of my favorite books too. I re-read it last year and still enjoy it.

  11. totally late t the party... chuckle

    love the story in the photo magnet.

  12. Monica--I'd be happy to send you (or anyone) a surprise book. Just email me your address!

  13. damn Google reader. all of your posts are just showing up now. and I was already wondering if you had gone missing (but was too busy myself to send out a sear and rescue team...)

    what a sweet idea to give away your books :)