Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the other world

Last week's flowers (from my garden!) still look pretty good. I thought one peony was perfect with a bit of salvia and mountain laurel.

It's been raining for days, and the peonies are getting weighted down and rusty around the edges, so today I picked several in various stages.

This table is on a little sheltered area of my deck. I go in and out this door several times a day, and in the evening I sit out here and read, so I will be able to spend a lot of time with the peonies.

I am slowly letting go of the store. It will be open until mid-August, but it's hard to be there. Fortunately I have other passions.


Putting together a proposal for a book. 

I'm not quite ready to discuss it, but there are clues on my book shelves,

and in this poem:                
                                        You Ask Why

                You ask why I make my home in the mountain
                 and I smile, and am silent.
                 and even my soul remains quiet:
                 it lives in the other world
                 which no one owns
                 The peach trees blossom.
                 The water flows.

                                  Li-Po (705-762)


  1. Hello Jen:
    We are, of course, most intrigued to know of your future plans once you have finished with the store and will very much look forward to hearing of them if, and when, you may decide to say more.

    Peonies, as we may have said, are amongst our favourite flowers but, as you know, they do not withstand the wet very well. Enjoy yours in your secluded reading spot.

  2. Fascinating post Jen, cant wait to find out what you are planning!
    Flowers are beautiful in the home arent they? As I write this I can just see out in our garden a beautiful peach and lemon striped rose.I know it has the most wonderful fragrance and I'm wondering whether to pop out and cut it to enjoy inside!

  3. Hi Jen,

    I tried to find some clues for your book in your bookcase, but I am not sure yet. I will just have to be patient until you tell us more :-)

    Your bouquet of garden flowers looks very pretty!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  4. Well, you've got me very curious. It's good you're envisioning life without the store; sounds like the future holds promise, mystery and creativity!

  5. love love love love love your peonies :)

  6. Ah, there's the salvia. You are surely the sort of person who will never be short of absorbing things to do; may the transition from the store to the new enthusiasm go happily and well.

  7. Beautiful peonies. We've been having the same a little bit south of you due to the rain and I was able to save two before they withered, I like your abundance. Your bookshelf is quite eclectic so my investigative powers are taking me nowhere...your poem on the other hand...

  8. I went searching the bookshelves for clues. Came up empty but wanting to read a book.

  9. Dear Friends--

    I probably shouldn't have made you look for clues; that was a tease.
    You guys are the best.



  10. Enjoy reading beside those gorgeous peonies.

  11. A book proposal, awesome! And awesome pictures and I love the poem.

  12. Some things are best kept close to the heart for a time. There is something in the telling that can take power from the idea.

    Passion is such a good thing to have along with a zest for life. You have both. I too look forward to eventually hearing more, and thanks for letting us look at your books. Like most bloggers, it seems we enjoy seeing what others are reading/read.

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  14. Jen, You really have to tell them all about Defending Violet. It's such a wonderful side of you - your writing talent. I'm pleased that you're planning another book.

    The old man who homesteaded this place planted rows and rows of red peonies in the 1930s or 40s. Most are still blooming - starting to open this week. Have some white ones with red highlights, but the pink ones (just like yours) must have been transplanted to neighbors' yards during the last 50 years. Glad you love peonies, too.

    Jay liked your comment on his blog about his new dog, Pepper, who is sleeping next to the bed tonight; our two tabbies have been exiled from the bedroom (Pepper thinks chasing cats in the house is fun).

  15. Your lovely poenies looks comfortable with you. And thank you for the inspiring poem. These words are so calm and make me imagine the world.
    I'm knitting a small item for my little granddaughter who was born last summer. It's my creation, too, and it makes me happy.

  16. love the poem. exciting to be getting a book proposal ready. i'm only slightly aware of what that entails. i'm writing my own book, when i carve out time...

    difficult to be in a place (literally or metaphorically) that you're ready to let go. a limbo stage.

  17. Dear Jen - Sorry to fool you! I fooled myself too! I would so much love to go to Cape Cod! I am still dreaming about it and playing lotto so in case I win I could stay for very, very, very long! Have a good day and thanks for your comment! Christa

  18. I am curious and excited and I love your peonies : )

  19. What beautiful peonies Jen. I am so envious of you being able to grow them like this. The season here is so short (& so far away - not until November) so I am so enjoying see your lovely arrangements of them.
    I was sad to read that you have decided to close your store - a hard & I'm sure hugely difficult decision to make. But, as they say, one door closes and another opens, and it's amazing what possibilities suddenly appear. I know what you mean about it being hard to be there. Thinking good thoughts for you! Amanda x