Wednesday, July 20, 2011

rustic chic from the state champion moose caller

I'm staying in Massachusetts this weekend, and will go to an auction to pick up a few things for the store. I have a regular go-to auction down near Rhode Island, but occasionally I visit others. This weekend there is a tempting one in Maine--the estate of Norman H. and Edith E. Gray. Norman was a longtime forester, hunter, trapper, and fisherman. I am particularly interested in the fact that for three years he was the state champion moose caller, no minor achievement in Maine.

I like the rocker pictured above--it has a lift-up writing surface. Imagine the letters and poems (maybe even novels) that would flow from the pen while seated there (with a view of the lake of course) unless, like me you are left-handed.

And here is a folding chair that resembles a snow-shoe. 

In all my travels I have never seen a handmade wooden berry backpack.

Nor, I am embarrassed to admit, have I wondered about the origin of the word hackle, although I am certain I have used the phrase, it raised my hackles. 

I don't think my mechanical IQ is high enough to figure out how to use this White Mountain apple peeler. Perhaps it's a White Mountain secret.

There are also a large number of old traps--which are kind of cool in a metal sculpture way, but vegetarians may want to avoid this auction. All proceeds go to the National Trappers Association and the Maine State Trapper's Association.

I will probably stay closer to home and go to my usual auction--it's fun and familiar and I always find something interesting. Anyway, I have a feeling that the Maine State Champion Moose Caller's auction will attract fancy antique dealers who will drive the prices way out of my range. I mean who can resist such a genuinely rural northwoods provenance? A few months from now that rocker will probably be on a porch in Nantucket and the traps on the wall of a Tribeca loft. Not getting to see the berry backpack hurts a little though--it would be perfect for my store.

If you want more, you can see the auction listing here and pictures here. And if you do look, tell me what you like.



  1. Hello Jen:
    Oh yes, we would agree that there is much of interest in the auction sale. The decoy ducks and fishing creel for us, please. We very much like the porch rocker which you featured above, but as there are two of us, just one would lead to trouble. Now, if there were a pair.....

  2. This isn't really "my" kind of stuff and I couldn't find anything to get excited about. I like the glove box, the wicker chair, and actually might consider the necklaces.
    However, it was enjoyable looking at the catalog.

  3. Going to an auction sounds like fun! Love those chairs and the berry backpack!!

  4. Hi Jen ... and I saw so much cool stuff. I love the secretary(s) they are my favorite and I love the little picture of the girl with puppy and doggy. very cool stuff all of it! treasure!

    You could do the apple peeler thing... I have one almost like it (mine is much newer) In fact it is funny I used it just an hour ago.I made french toast tonight for dinner and for topping the toast I peeled, sliced the apples I had and mixed in a couple prunes and sugar and a little flour to thicken the sauce. yummy.

  5. The chairs are fantastic, esp the writing rocker! The hackles.... eewww... You do find some quirky stuff!