Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm giving away a field bag.

Since you like field bags, and I like you, I am going to give one away. All you have to do is leave a comment describing what you would put in the field bag.

Field bags do not discriminate--both men and women like them, and they come in a variety of colors and prints which I will disclose to the winner so they can choose. I will also include a new Field Notes notebook and a vintage field guide (choice of Birds, Insects or Trees).

This is a picture of my field bag and one of my Field Notes notebooks--I use them all the time. They fit nicely in my pocket which makes them great for auctions and for wandering around the house and garden making lists.

Feel free to tell your friends. Nobody has to become a follower (unless they want to).  Just leave an interesting comment about how you will use the field bag and what you might put in it. I don't know how I will choose a winner (I never see that part disclosed on giveaways--if you know please feel free to tell me) but I expect to either be completely fair and draw names from a hat or completely biased and choose the comment that interests me the most. However I decide, the winner will be chosen Monday, July 18. Changing that to Friday July 15, so the winner can give me their color/print choice over the weekend when I am in the Catskills where the field bags are. And yes this offer extends to my international friends too!


  1. Hello Jen:
    As these days the majority of our time is spent in a city, when we do venture into the countryside we aim, like the Boy Scouts and following in the path of their founder, Lord Baden Powell, to "Be Prepared".

    So, for us, the Field Bag would be such a very smart way of carrying one or two absolute essentials. Briefly, these would include: W.E. Johns 'Flowers of the Field', mackintoshes, smoked salmon sandwiches, The Observer Book of Birds, kindling wood and matches, a kettle, a tartan travel rug, shooting sticks, sun hats, rain hats, Wellington boots, a Thermos flask, a First Aid kit, Kendal Mint Cake, a compass, and a bottle of fizz and two champagne flutes.

    And, dear Jen, if the Field Bag could be in a bright colour [if we were so fortunate as to win], then we should be spared having to carry distress flares and rockets. Waving the bag in the air should be enough to attract Land, Sea and Air Rescue Services.

  2. I am a total farmgirl at heart. I love the outdoors and collecting various treasures that I find including stones, different kinds of leaves, flowers, etc. I would carry my found items in my field bag as well as a book to press flowers in, a notebook and pencil for sketching, and my latest crochet project. I would also carry snacks to accompany me on my explorations. I live in Colorado so a field bag like this would be ideal for me!

  3. Oooh, I love the field bags!!! It would definitely hold my sketchbook and pencils, and a notebook and pen. And maybe my camera would fit, too! Everything I need for a nice hike.

  4. yea! I want a field BAG!!! I would put my pad of paper and pencils and eraser and my bird book and my leaf/tree book and my mammal book that I just bought today! and go out to the quiet spot and draw. I am drawing mice stuff now since I need to get going with the next book illustrations real fast! guess maybe I will write a post about my children's books venture with my friend author Danny Langone

  5. Sign me up, girl! I will suture it to my arm so that I will never be lacking a bag to collect strange branches, grungy pinecones, dead beetles, illicitly taken seashells from state beaches, and other natural ephemera. And I will want the bug guide. Thank you, your friend Anne.

  6. Oh, and P.S.! I'm going to put your giveaway on my sidebar so you'll get more followers. Seriously, you deserve them.

  7. Jen,
    I love your field bags! I would carry it on all my country road trips. It would contain my little note book and pen for writing down the names of all the cool junk stores I'd pass, my uncle's old binoculars,(sp?) so I could see the address's, a subway sandwich, turkey with everything,(lots of jalpenos) to keep up my strengh, a diet coke to give me a boost, (even though what I'd realy like is an ice cold frozen margarita but I don't think it would travel well and then there is that pesky thing about drinking and driving), a pair of flip flops so I could change out of my boots when my feet get tired of trudging up and down all the aisles in those grungy little shops, a floopy hat and umbrella in case it decides to rain on my parade, my phone to call my BF when I find that perfect "thing" that I'm so excited about I can't stand it, and last but not least, a pillow and a vintage army blanket to spread out under a tree by a sparkling stream to rest, eat and daydream about all the cool things I found and the things I'm still searching for!
    P.S. You are so funny! I have no problem sharing "our suitcase"!

  8. Jen,
    The above comment was a test. Your grade depends on how many miss spelled words you can find!
    Excuse #1 my living dictionary was at work (my
    daughter, Kate)
    #2 I hadn't had my coffee yet
    #3 I wasn't wearing my glases
    #4 I was in a hurry
    #5 I was to lazy to get off the couch and
    get the dictionary and afraid to try
    sp ck cuz in the past it has made
    everything disappear.
    Pick one, your choice!

  9. I am so late and everyone has been so witty I can't even remember what I thought I would carry.

    My mind? My camera for sure. My daily book of reflections. An eyeliner. A bottle of water. Clippers. My cell phone ( let's get real here) oh, and I know a stack of your business cards so when people ask me where i got the fantastic field bag I could casually hand one over and say, why right here!

    xo Jane