Tuesday, July 12, 2011

help, please

I got this clutch purse at auction in a batch of vintage purses. I am listing a few of them in the Etsy shop, but don't have a clue about how to describe this print. It's really sweet--the little characters and design have folk art appeal and the colors are vibrant. But do they look Persian? Turkish?  ________? (You can click on the pictures to enhance.)

Also, I'd like to buy a book of textile history, so if you have one you can recommend please let me know.

I'm thrilled with the comments I'm getting on my field bag giveaway. Your creativity and imagination make me very happy! If you want a chance to win and haven't left a comment yet, please jump on over there and do so.



  1. Hello Jen:
    We very much doubt that this most attractive bag will be with you long enough to have to describe it at all. But, never ones to be lost for words, we should describe the print as:

    "a most intriguing and appealing pattern which draws upon the souk of the Middle East combined with the mystique of Istanbul with colour ranging from a rich Imari red to the deepest of cobalt blues".

    Or something along those lines!!

  2. love it ! I was tempted to say it looks south american indian-like

  3. So your post led me to google the origin of tulips (in the fabric) - may be Turkish or Iranian? Fun post! XOL

  4. It does have an exotic far eastern look to it... makes me think "happy market"... which would be a souk, i think? Its adorable,at any rate!

  5. It reminds me a lot of Huichol Indian folk art.