Wednesday, July 13, 2011

haiku for you

I made another mixed media collage. (Clicking on the picture once or twice will help you see it.)

There's a haiku at the top.

 And today I read an interview with Cathy Cullis who creates wonderful works of art. I especially liked this part:

"What would be the title of your memoir? Why?
Write a Poem Every Day would be my memoir. This is a phrase I have used in my work over the past several years. I have scratched it into collages, stitched the words on fabric, and continue to use it as my little saying or mantra. The phrase is completely open to interpretation, really, and that is why I like it —it can mean literally to write verse on a daily basis, or more deeply to live within the moment and make each day a little extraordinary. Of course, life is not about everything always being romantic and wonderful. There are rough times to be witnessed as well as glorious little wonders; a poem can hint at the different layers of life."

You can read the entire interview here

Back on earth:  Field Bag giveaway (details here) comments must be posted by Friday evening EST. I am really enjoying them. You are an interesting and witty crew, and all-around good company.



  1. Ooh, my favorite collage so far! Very nice!!

  2. Hello Jen:
    How appropriate to include a Haiku with your collage depicting an oriental scene. Thiscollage is most beautifully done and evokes awonderful sense of distant lands and cultures which are so very different from our own.

    Poetry for us is the absolute synthesis of words and emotions and so entirely appropriate, we feel, to think of everyday life as a poem in the making. Such an interesting idea which we shall treasure!

  3. So sorry I haven't been commenting Jen. I just scrolled thorough a bunch of your posts and love all of the photos and detail you have been sharing. The photos of the shop look especially cute!

    Take care,

  4. Oh this is just beautiful! You are so very talented. Glad I found your blog!!

  5. That's a wonderful title! food for thought.