Tuesday, July 5, 2011

last weekend, in the store

I thought you might be interested in what I sold.

2 antique cane seat chairs (not a matching pair).

1 vintage blue wooden chair
(I sell a lot of single chairs.)

1 field bag. (The dark pink/light red one with the black bird on it.) 
Field bags sell well--they are the perfect size for sketchbooks, laptops and field guides.

4 small vases. Handmade, and popular at $5 each.

4 balsam pillows. When I open the door to the store it smells like a pine forest (or a Christmas tree).

4 tea towels. 

2 Mincing Mockingbird books.

1 blackbird flag

1 small wooden bird

1 vintage game-- "Pit"

2 chalkware birds signed and dated 1959.

1 vintage landscape painting

4 vintage little Golden field guides.

1 antique barbed wire collection

1 large antique clay jug

1 postcard

On hold until next weekend: 1 pillow cover and an antique oak mission style library table.

It was (by my modest expectations) a good weekend.


  1. sounds like you are doing pretty good there. I am selling a few things now in a little gift shoppe in western MA at a gift shop. my woodpeckers on bark sold first. People love birds a lot.

  2. Hello Jen:
    This all sounds to have been a very busy weekend. We are so pleased for you.

    The pictures which you show of the shop look lovely. The field bags in particular look so attractive, we are not surprised that they are popular buys. May you have many more successful sales!

  3. Wow, great weekend!! You've got such a fun selection of items. Those field bags are cool!

  4. Awesome! I love the field bags!