Friday, August 31, 2012

last days

Last days of summer...

Last days for Country Weekend, the store...

I should take & a little store in the Catskills off of this blog header.

I'll leave 

Home History Nature.

I can work with that.

Thanks for keeping me company on this part of the journey.

Enjoy your weekend,



  1. Hello Jen:
    Now that you are actually nearing the end, it must all be tinged with some sadness and not a little regret. But, as with everything about you, we are sure that you are very positive and already looking forward to what comes next.

    Kellemes hétvégét!

    1. Mostly I feel relieved--I'm past the sadness. And no regrets! It's been fun, but it's time to move on.

  2. I'm sorry that I never got to visit your store. I am sure it reflected the same atmosphere, combining natural history and old-fashioned charm, that you create in all of your endeavors.

    At least it will free you up for the fall, which I am looking forward to sharing with you from your viewpoint.
    --Road to Parnassus

    1. It was a special little place.
      I'm glad you found me!

  3. Can I reserve a spot on that hammock, please?

  4. I closed a store once. Then we had an ice storm that lasted for a week. The timing worked well with the flu I came down with after the store closed and ice blanketed our streets.

    I think your closing will be gentler on you.

    I wish I was close by I'd be filling up the truck with tons of things I don't need but would love to have.

    Be still your heart.

    xo Jane

    1. I'm glad I'm closing in summer!

      I am fine, and so appreciate the way you and other regular readers here accompanied me through the ups and downs of the store sojourn. Now I will have to get kittens to entertain you. Though it would be a poor imitation of what you're doing, so I'll have to think of something else.

  5. When I see the photos of your store I already feel some nostalgic feeling, although I know you have some plan in your mind looking forward your future.

  6. as long as you are not closing down your blog ;) I'd miss you. a lot!!!

  7. Do you read in that hammock by the water? It looks so inviting. I like that charming little wood table by the rocking chair. I wonder why no one has bought it. Wish you were just a drive away.
    Well, on to new adventures, Jen. Your type of genius shouldn't be focused on one thing for too long, anyway. So much yet for you to do in this life.

    1. Mostly I look at the trees and the water and take catnaps.

      Someone did buy that table-it's an old picture.

      My type of genius? That made me laugh. I don't know--I've done so many things and none of them particularly well. Even in college my advisor told me I was at risk of becoming a dilettante. I guess she was right. But I'm not going to change now...

  8. Hi Jen,

    I hope that you are ok and not feeling sad.

    I loved looking at the photos

    Take care of yourself.

    Can you believe that it is September already?
    Time is flying by....

    Have a good weekend.

  9. Jen...sounds as if you are up beat and moving forward. Your lovely visits to the Catskills will now belong to just you and your dear ones. What could be better! Sending you smiles and happy thoughts....

  10. I'm sure it's somewhat bittersweet but you're ready for the nexr chapter. All the best to you. Now go lay on that hammock.

  11. I've always loved the home, history, and nature of your blog! I'm glad you're carrying on. We locked the door of our shop almost a year ago, and it seems like we have been on the road having the time of our lives ever since!