Tuesday, August 7, 2012

rocks, water, moss

On a recent visit to the Catskills, I spent a lot of time walking along the brook,
mesmerized by the flow of water over rocks, the paths and patterns,

each rock and group of rocks 
unique, creating countless variations.

  And in the rockless shallows,
moss patterns look like a map, 
some verdant part of the country, as seen from an airplane.


  1. Hello Jen:
    It is, as you say, extraordinary how many subtle variations there are amongst the rocks which you have captured so brilliantly here. Water is for us endlessly fascinating and we can well picture ourselves gazing for hours at the gentle flow of the streams and the moss patterns which you highlight here. And, the water looks so wonderfully clear and, we imagine, icy cold...oh for a paddle!!!

  2. it looks so peaceful, i love the sound of running water, and moss is a favourite natural wonder to me.

  3. The moss looks like a map seen from an airplane, definitely.
    I can feel the air around the brook. Thank you for sharing your walking trace.

  4. Looks beautiful Jen. Its very similar to the terrain in the New Hampshire mountains where we went during our honeymoon called Franconia Notch.

  5. Truly beautiful photos. Water and rock -- consider writing some haiku to honor your stream. Bet you could.

  6. V. warm here, would like to be standing in stream. Mossy rocks and all.

    xo Jane

  7. Looks like a similar place I went out for a walk the other day. I'm very glad you had a good time there!

  8. Jen,
    those pics are so cool and refreshing looking! What a lovely relief from all the heat to be in the woods by a lovely little stream!

  9. What a beautiful place to walk. I always love how walking near water helps to wash my troubles away. M x

  10. wow, they do look like maps...that's so cool. I have to pin it to my Nature board.