Wednesday, March 7, 2012

please come upstairs!

I'm back from South Carolina and itching to get up to the Catskills. Not going until Friday morning but I'm already packing the car. I have some gorgeous vintage quilts.

Jigsaw puzzles for children and adults, stuffed birds (from Audubon that make genuine appropriate bird calls when you squeeze them), seed bombs, vintage odds and ends.

Somehow, I have to get more people to come upstairs to the store. (If you're new here, the store is in a big old mercantile, divided into smaller stores. I share the second floor with an art gallery and a home furnishings/accessories store.) I have put up more signs, but we still don't get nearly as much foot traffic as downstairs. There is a space downstairs coming up for rent, but the rent is so much higher I don't think I should do it. I will advertise more, put up more signs and just try to make it the best store I can. And hope that people find it. What would it take to get you upstairs? Chocolate chip cookies?


  1. Cookies sound great. Can you make postcard type cards and hand them out (get nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc to hand them out too) about the great finds if they go just a few stops upstairs? Have a discount frequent shopper card (business card size for the wallet) for you to punch/initial and reward those that do return and return and return. After about 10 purchases have a discount for them. Just a few ideas that I have been kicking around too. If your business comes from outside town (like tourists, how about flyers in local inns and hotels? Don't move unless you absolutely have to. People find you and then then have to find you all over again. Enjoy your blog.

  2. Cookies, tea, bribing other shops--perhaps w/ the aforementioned cookies-- in the building (who aren't actual 'competitors') to have small, tasteful flyers near their registers....

  3. ummmm yes ...cookies would work if I lived out there and a cup of coffee. I love the birds of the backyard puzzle fab-u lous!

    Have a great weekend in your happy place !


  4. Yes, a sign outside the store saying, "Free Cookies with Purchase Upstairs." If you have a small freezer, you can freeze a few cookies in each sandwich bag and retrieve a bag from the freezer when someone reminds you that he or she should get something with their purchase.

  5. Hello Jen:
    The vintage quilts are so very pretty. Perfect for your store, we are certain. Getting people upstairs to shop is always tricky but, regrettably, if food and drink were available, then we are sure that people would ascend the stairs to sample them.

    You are right, we feel,to focus on luring your customers upstairs rather than paying a higher rent. An increased rent just means that you have to work harder to stand still, whereas once your customers are enticed to find you they will surely return time and time again!

  6. Well come back, Jen. These quilts attract me a lot. I think your enthusiastic collection lead customers to go up the stairs, so go for it without heasitation.

  7. Those quilts are so beautiful, the blue one I would go for, even upstairs. before I lost my weight nothing would attract me to climb those stair, I just couldn't. Now? A cup of orange juice will do...:) I wish I could go there now, I really like those quilts!

  8. Curiosity always works to get me places. Things like scents and sounds, maybe a bird calls tape, always attract my attention. Wind chimes.

    I love the orange quilt! Also, I used to have that bird poster once upon a time, like in the 60's or 70's.

  9. I like the those old puzzles. They are so charming ...
    sometimes distance is very irritating: I would so love to see your shop!

    enjoy your weekend my friend : )