Thursday, June 2, 2011

victory gardens

I got some new posters and postcards for the store that are so cool I want to share them with you. Created by Joe Wirtheim whose Victory Garden of Tomorrow poster campaign is committed to "civic innovation and social progress--better food, better gardens, better cities." During World Wars I and II there were Victory Garden campaigns encouraging citizens to grow food to augment rations. There's an essay about American Victory Gardens on Joe's website.

This poster by Joe is inspired by a 1944 Garden for Victory poster. 

This is an original Victory Garden poster. 

Here are some more of Joe's posters:

 They are available in his Etsy store  along with postcards and t-shirts. With a packet of postcards you get free tattoos and stickers.

I have a (temporary, alas) tattoo of this chicken on the inside of my forearm. I'm quite fond of it. There are an abundance of organic gardeners in the Catskills, so I think these are a good fit for my store. Many of my customers are artists and designers who will appreciate the great graphics as well as the inspiration.



  1. Hello Jen:
    These posters are enormous fun. The graphic design is very strong and they have a wonderfully retro feel.

    The Dig for Victory campaign in Britain meant that even the most unlikely pieces of ground were turned into vegetable growing areas. We keep all our war memorabilia in a 'War Drawer' at our Budapest apartment and posted about it previously.

    The message of 'Grow your Own' is certainly as appropriate today as it was so many years ago!

  2. sounds great!
    Love the Victory Garden Signs
    I used to paint some for Nancy Thomas when I lived in Yorktown, Virginia for a few years
    ( I was an airforce wife)
    Nancy T. is a popular folk artist out there.

  3. Love the 'eat real food' poster the most, but they're all very cool. I'm cracking up visualizing you with that chicken tattoo...!!

  4. These are so cool, eclectic, and fun! Thanks for sharing them Jen....

    Take care,

  5. Oh my goodness!!! those posters are amazing. I'm heading over to store now to mark...Thanks for sharing. :)