Wednesday, June 1, 2011

silver pine and the perfect job

You've probably caught on that I like the color green.

This little chest of drawers is knotty pine. I thought about leaving it unpainted (sorry, no before picture) for a nice retro cabin look, but it was pretty scratched up. So I painted it this lovely green, called Silver Pine (Benjamin Moore). Sorry about the weird angle--there's a column in the way.

See the column?

Anyway, I've decided that I want the job of naming colors for a big paint company. That would be perfect for me. Words and colors, all day long. As long as I didn't have to sit at a desk. I'd write in the contract that I could work anywhere I wanted to--under a tree, for example. In a museum. On a cross-country train trip.
What's a perfect job for you?


  1. Hello Jen:
    It seems singularly appropriate that your pine chest should now be coloured 'Silver Pine'. We thought it to be a most interesting and 'grown up' tone, and one which complemented the handles very well indeed. One could see that it could be placed in any number of styles of interior.

  2. looks perfect under that great painting on the wall too

  3. Hi Jen...

    Just found your blog via your comment on mine. (Thanks so much.) I love Benjamin Moore paints. There's a magazine - one of the design/home magazines - with a feature about paint colors. They ask designers what colors they like for X, Y or Z. We once redid an apartment using a variety of those articles. It was so gorgeous. I thought of this when I read your post. You'd enjoy those articles. See you around... :) joon