Monday, June 27, 2011

flowers in the house

I like to have flowers in places where we will see them often. 
It is the time of year when I can pick them from my garden.
Blue hydrangeas and yellow lilies for the kitchen table, 
in a vase that was my great-grandmothers.

 I always have flowers, or in the winter, greens, in this pitcher on this table in the foyer. The pitcher is from the West Virginia farmhouse that my father's family lived in for over a century. It was sold when I was a teenager, and the last of the great-aunts who lived there died. The pitcher is rough and rustic and everything looks good in black. Maybe it was originally used at the table for milk. We had huge breakfasts there-- lima beans with breakfast is a strong memory. The angel used to sit in the window of a restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. When the owner died and the effects of the restaurant were being disposed of, I asked about her and she was given to me. I find her strangely powerful.

This little bouquet is on the table where I work. 
My father gave me the cranberry glass vase when I was 20. 

To see a variety of lovely flowers in the house, visit Small But Charming.


  1. Hello Jen:
    We are with you here. Yes, it is so good to have vases of flowers or something 'green' where you pass by frequently. In that way one is always cheered up, no matter what the mood of the day might be.

    Your cranberry glass vase is absolutely lovely. Such a very pretty shape and colour and the perfect size for a few sprigs gathered from the garden.

  2. oh Jen, everything looks so pretty. And they are extra special bouquets bsince they are from your garden and arranged in family vases and containers.

    Thank you for such a personal post.

    xo Jane

  3. Ooh, pretty! I love the hydrangeas!

  4. very nice little islands of color and nature

  5. What a lovely vase full of purple and pink - my favorite colors for... well, everything. so much nicer that the vases mean something.

  6. Love that little bouquet. So sweet.

  7. Love the angel! nice flower combos, too. I picked my first bouquet today from one of my potted roses. Hooray for fresh flowers!

  8. Jen,
    Flowers always "happy" things up! They are so much more special when we are able to put them in containers that are special to us. Yours are lovely!

  9. Oh, they look so completely gorgeous. I'm learning about flower arranging from a fantastic book that I'm going to review soon. Pretty flowers make so much difference, don't they? I love the hydrangeas!