Thursday, June 9, 2011

a few things

This big old cheese box

16" in diameter. 8" deep.

Swizzle sticks:
Can you tell I went to an auction?

My obsession with Little Golden Nature Guides:

This peony from my garden:

This op-ed piece by Tom  Friedman articulates some things that have been on my mind. "What were we thinking? How did we not panic when the evidence was so obvious that we’d crossed some growth/climate/natural resource/population redlines all at once?" And the fact that for the past six months I have spent a considerable amount of time selling or trying to sell things to people. Even if they are mostly used a/ka/ vintage & antiques. But not all.

This reaction (if I still lived in Brooklyn I would go to her flower store every day).

And now the fun part---links to tours of a couple of marvelous inspiring Catskill homes and their people:

The cabin belonging to musician and artist Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown and her husband Jonny Ollsin.

NY Times article on the gingerbread studio of Sandy Foster of My Shabby Streamside Studio. Click here to go straight to the slide show.

photo credit: Trevor Tondo, NY Times

And now I have a bookcase to paint. 



  1. Hello Jen:
    It is so very difficult to find a natural balance in life and to tread lightly on the earth. Modern living makes so many demands on humans and the environment but one does have the feeling that at some point soon our ways of life will change dramatically and for all time.

    On a lighter note, your cheese box is lovely. The colour of the wood is satisfyingly aged and the size is so useful for any number of purposes.

  2. Ooh, nice finds. I collect those little nature guides, too! There's something really sweet about them.

  3. I love the cheese box Jen, it looks great with the books too. Love Sandys studio too it's gorgeous.


  4. what will you do with the cheese box and the swizzle sticks? Im wondering.

  5. It's fun to discover what we're drawn to: Have fun doing something great with your "finds!"

  6. ooh, there's that magenta peony -- fabuloso! a fun post, will visit all the links.

  7. i have a thing for old cheese boxes too--love the thinness of the wood- they seem so delicate --yet so hardy and rustic.
    and the gingerbread studio is worthy of fantasy and dream time!