Monday, May 23, 2011


I've had signs on my mind for a while.
I need some on the outside of the building my store is in. Inside it's divided into several stores. A few of them have their own entrance from the street. There are two general public entrances: one under the plum-colored awning, and one in the back where there is a parking lot. I have signs inside, but none outside. My store is on the second floor, so I rely on getting people in the building to find me. There used to be a cafe by the front entrance, that attracted a lot of business. Now that's an empty storefront. The landlord said I can put a sign outside on the second floor, but I want something people will see when they stroll by. Here's one solution I've come up with:

I got this blank sign at auction. 

Blank except for the cool fly-fishing fly.

I painted the word "shops" on it. 

I'm planning to put it next to the entrance (near the planters). I thought about painting smaller signs to hang from it, advertising what the stores upstairs carry (antiques, art, furniture, home accessories) but I'm not sure about that. Yesterday I saw a restaurant that had a statue of a chef outside with a large chalkboard leaning against it advertising their specials. I could do something like that--it would be fun to have the freedom to write random things on it.

Lisa, who painted my inside signs (you can see some of them here) and who is a talented designer and constant source of inspiration to me, is inviting people to link posts about signs they've made on her blog today. I feel a little guilty because I didn't make this sign--just put the letters on. So I found a piece of balsa wood in the garage, and with the help of stencils made this sad little sign:

Lisa makes it look so easy! It's not .... but now that I've done it once, I'll try again. I like words and I like paint.



  1. You are to funny! Your sign came out great! I love that you even added the pine cones. Trust me, after a couple of times, you will be doing them in your sleep.

    That stand you got at the auction is beyond perfect! What a lucky find. I am also so glad you showed a picture of the outside of the building. I have always tried to picture it. What a gorgeous place! Now I know why you drive over two hours to that quaint little space!

    I'm so excited you linked up!

    Take care,

  2. Hello Jen:
    We can well see the need you have to attract people into your building and then upstairs to where you are. It is such a pity, from your point of view, that the café has closed for that is always a good way to encourage people inside somewhere.

    We do hope that your signs will work. We love the play on words you have created with 'Pine'.

  3. I love the script on the Shops sign! Did you do that freehand? Its so cool!