Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nashville Skyline

I always loved that album--who could forget Lay Lady Lay ... 
anyway, I'm back from Music City, and the coolest thing there is the blocks of honky tonks, 
all the great music spilling out onto the streets.

I bought this magazine as a joke, but it's really substantive (Eudora Welty, slow food, conservation) so the joke's on me.

why I was there:  my son graduated!

Celebrating involved a lot of eating, and I was introduced to "meat and three" at Arnold's.

best mac and cheese, ever. and the fried green tomatoes, yum!

 you might want to check out Garden & Gun

as far as i can tell it's heavy on garden, light on gun.

catch y'all later--



  1. Ohhh...congrats to your son. Such a big milestone for him and you!

    I LOVE Lay Lady Lay! Now I totally have the song in my head!

    Take care,

  2. Garden & Gun - what an interesting combination! Congratulations on the graduation - very exciting :) XOL

  3. Your son's a great looking guy! Sounds like it was a fun weekend.