Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the mincing mockingbird

The weight of Country Weekend's inventory is antique and vintage, but I carry a number of contemporary items. The jury is still out on whether I picked well with some of them, but there's no doubt that the Mincing Mockingbird is a perfect fit. His pictures of birds, found on prints, cards, postcards and magnets, are beautiful.

 He often combines them with droll sayings. 

I love this magnet and it's been very popular in the store.
Teachers and English majors revealed themselves.

There's a gallery next door, and several artists bought this one.

I gave this one to my friend Jorge, who brings me fresh eggs every week.

These just makes me smile.

You can find the Mincing Mockingbird's work here.


  1. God, I love that guy! I have three of his magnets and have given others as gifts... they're such a riot! My favorite magnet says "I'm addicted to shiny things."