Saturday, April 16, 2011

porches and children

A chilly spring night in Vermont. Spent a few days with my youngest, Luke (19) and am going home tomorrow, so happy and sad. He lives in a wooden house with a small front porch (that pretty much describes all the houses here and they are all full of students). He has 2 chairs on the porch and is so happy that the snow has finally melted. I love porches. Our house in New Jersey where we lived for 15 years had a huge one and it was the best room in the house. Our house in Massachusetts and the one in the Catskills have decks but it's not the same. So I was thinking about porches and started to make an etsy treasury about porches but moved off the porch a bit. Awaiting Summer.


  1. Jen,
    Found your blog through Sarah at Modern Country style. Read your definition of your blog liked it a lot. My BF and I had a similar store for 3 yrs in TN but just closed it this past Dec. Our blog started out to promote our store but then evolved from there and when the store closed, I continued on. There are quite a few posts with pictures of our store if you would like to see it. We loved it but it was time to move on. It can be very challenging but also very fun. I am your newest follower and would love for you to visit and follow me. I will be checking back often.

  2. I love front porches. So relaxing. We hope our next house has one :)

  3. Lovely post. We had a front porch in our house in Larkspur, with a view of Mt. Tamalpais. We'd sit there every evening and neighbors would stroll by and we'd hear the bagpipe band practicing in the distance. Porches rule!

  4. I'd LOVE to have some kind of front porch. I always think American houses with wooden clap boards, and verandas look so beautiful. I love that New England style.

    But you don't really get that where I live in England. In fact, I don't think I'[ve ever seen a front porch to sit in - they're always at the back.