Tuesday, April 19, 2011

folk art cows

My store in the Catskills is in dairy farm country. There used to be hundreds of family owned dairy farms. Now, sadly, just a few. There is plenty of farm paraphernalia to be had at auctions. But I've never seen anything like these, which I got at an auction in Massachusetts. The same one where I got the toy soldiers.
They are full of character,

made out of wood and heavy and look kind of Indian. I think it's the red dots.

 I don't know what stories they have to tell.

Don't know whether I'll sell them. 
A person will have to be crazy crazy about them for me to let them go.

Do you see the hand shape on the side and the sun on the hump?

So sweet, so interesting, aren't they?



  1. those cows are amazing...almost makes me think that native Americans made them.
    I think you have a real prize there!
    Thank you for your nice comment on Anne's (Bird/Like) blog and my guest post. I was a little nervous about it. I will check out the etsy! and follow you for sure

  2. You find the most amazing things.


  3. Those are amazing! You find the best stuff.

  4. Those are gorgeous--you might want to ask some art galleries about those. I've never seen anything like them!