Thursday, April 28, 2011

one person's junk

You know the rest, right? ( another person's treasure.) All taste is personal, but I think vintage is especially so. Like when I was brainstorming with Lisa about the giveaway on her blog I fretted that it would be hard to find something with broad appeal. We settled on a sweet apron that got a lot of love in the Etsy shop, and  a candle that comes in a reusable container. (And was that a sexist choice? Was it okay to assume a woman would win? And do I ask a lot of questions?) A vase might have worked too, but even that is tricky. I have a lot of vintage pottery in my store in the Catskills. I thought it would be popular, but that hasn't been the case.

Take this painting:

I got a box of old Adirondack frames at auction about a month ago, which I was thrilled about, and this was in there--the only picture. When I got home I took a good look at it, and oh my, I fell in love.

But I decided to be good and put it up in the Etsy store, because I want to fill it with things that people will fall in love with, and if I feel that way surely someone else will too, right? So I took a bunch of pictures and started writing the description and so forth and when I was choosing pictures this

scratched area really jumped out at me. Like maybe it's a ding or two beyond "in good vintage condition" or even "shows some wear, but that only adds to its vintage charm". And then I saw some damage to the frame I hadn't noticed. One of the leaves was broken.  And none of this bothered me in real life, but looking at the pictures I freaked out thinking people would say I was trying to sell them junk.

Or was that just an excuse so I could keep it?


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  1. Its lovely... at first glance i thought the scratch was a painted bee or dragonfly... i say if you love it, keep it! though i'm sure no one will think you're trying to sell junk... after all, the beauty of vintage is the flaws.