Monday, June 24, 2013

flowers in the house

My garden is good to me--
better than I deserve, since I give it so little care.

From Shelley and Jane I've learned to be loose and easy with my posies,
not afraid to make unexpected choices.

A bit of green hydrangea nestles with a peony,
a couple of small roses for company.
Spiky salvia  makes it lively.

Or, just add a cat.

Wildflowers have busted out in the country. 
I love the sweet simplicity of daisies.

Visit  Jane's Flowers in the House--it  will make you happy to see flowers in houses 'round the world.


  1. And you've learned your lesson well.

    That is a beautiful,perfectly "casual" flower arrangement.

    A little bit of this and a touch of that.

    You could come work in the shop.

    And wildflowers, my favorite.

    So lucky to still get peonies there.

    Ours are only coming in from California and while that are big and creamy and beautiful they aren't the local one that take my heart away.

    Like yours did.

    xo Jane

  2. The cat is adorable....the flowers gorgeous. I love alium.

  3. You are quite the student, an A one I think. Beautiful job, cats always help too.

  4. Pretty arrangements, Jen! My favorite garden is one that tries when I don't, but don't tell anyone ! :)

  5. Very pretty... We won't tell that you didn't spend hours toiling in the garden! Personally I like tenacious and easy... And my husband does the necessary watering!

  6. Your choice is wonderful! You have such a cute cat and I have a dog named daisy.:)

  7. Razmataz--me too, they look like fireworks!

    Shelley--I tend to let things get overgrown, not enough thinning and pruning... I just call it the natural look.

    Susan--I like watering. But not weeding!

    Haricot--When do I get to see a picture of your Daisy?

  8. Hello Jen, I really like the way you have geared the sophistication of your arrangements to the complexity of the blooms themselves. The arrangements also echo the flowers' origins--in the hydrangea arrangement, I can see a garden, while in the daisy arrangement, I visualize a meadow.

  9. loving the wildflowers in that beautiful jug.

  10. oh, beautiful. love love love the peonies :)