Sunday, June 2, 2013

a tranquil country weekend

 Catnap in the hammock after the long drive Friday.

Staring contest with this woodchuck. (I blinked first.)


wading (and slipping on mossy rocks)


Also, lots of friends,
work around the house,
good food 
and reading


  1. The perfect place to have a hummock!
    Closing your eyes and listening to the water

    A little paradise on your feet dear Jen Enjoy : )

  2. Love the flat rocks in your stream. We're finding flat rocks on the place for a front walk, but yours are fabulous. And the hammock. Please get someone to photograph you in it - profile or back of your head if you're shy about putting your photo out here. I just have to see you in it with a book in your fists.

  3. I came to know a child word "comfy" in a book, and I'd like to ask about your nap" Are you comfy?" :)

  4. Don't be surprised if you show up some weekend and you find Goldilocks asleep in the hammock...

    I would have prepared something delicious for dinner first.

    xo Jane

  5. It looks like a little piece of heaven ...
    M x

  6. Suppose Rogers and Hart were thinking of the Catskills when they wrote "Mountain Greenery"?

  7. Spending an afternoon in that hammock next to the running water must be heaven.

  8. Looks and sounds idyllic to me Jen.

  9. Jen, your photographs are so lovely I can feel the coolness of the shade and hear the bubbling water over the falls... Such serenity. The hammock and a good book... aahhhhh... Bliss!

  10. So nice to see these images again! I'm sure you're thrilled to be back there. A little piece of Heaven. Do the kitty cats come with?

  11. sounds like bliss :)