Wednesday, February 13, 2013

orange crush

Sometimes, when I can't sleep, or am scared, or in pain, I recite flowers:

sweet pea, violet, daffodil, pansy, crocus, cherry blossom, lilac, lily, peony

Like a mantra, a poem, a prayer,

bluebell, poppy, marigold, zinnia, snapdragon, hollyhock, forget-me-not

Not just saying the words, but seeing them, the flowers,

buttercup, apple blossom, ranunculus, rose, daisy, freesia, dahlia, iris...

Has anyone invented flower therapy yet?
(Imagining a new business card: Jen, Flower & Kitten Therapy.)

This flight of fancy was brought on by the flowers pictured. Outside I'm knee deep in snow, but inside it's an English garden. I've grown cynical about Valentine's Day, sick of being bombarded by the commercialism of it all. But...

  I'm feeling the love this year, and sending it to you, my friends.


flowers from Bow Street via my sweet husband ~


  1. Hello Jen:
    What a lovely idea to recite and visualise flowers at moments when life could be better. This is something we too think we could adopt.

    Like you, we have little time for the St. Valentine's Day commercial aspects and try to avoid it all as much as possible.

    Your cat is absolutely lovely. We should love him/her.

  2. Sweet peas! In winter! What a marvelous bouquet. Affections to you, too, friend.

  3. To recite flowers without words, actually words inside of you, is moving to tears...

    Happy Valentine day to you, Jen.

  4. Beautiful! And I love your recitations; they are indeed calming.

  5. Oh there is is again. That picture, those flowers and that cat.

    I imagine houses, maybe at the beach or in the mountains, and then I decorate them.

    HVD. Isn't there a flower or herb called hearts ease? Oh right, a viola. You sent me some. thank you.

    xo Jane

  6. Oh what beautiful photos of beautiful flowers
    and that cat.....

    Have a good weekend

    x Fiona

  7. What a lovely way to relax-- I'm going to try it! Visualizing the flowers as I say their names will be so delighful. I don't know about flower therapy but gardening in general is my therapy, meditation, and fun all in one.

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  9. I occassionally drop in on your blog via Small but Charming or perhaps Slow Lane Line I and II.
    I have to de-lurk - you have two torties! Oh they are beautiful. We had one that is now gone - Noodles. She was absolutely the best. Your's are beautiful.
    Stay warm and dry.
    Kitty, USA - actually formerly from Boston burbs (born and raised) a long time ago and now a west coaster

    1. Hi Kitty, and welcome! My cats are a mother daughter team and we are having great fun. I was a west coaster myself for many years.

  10. oh, these are beautiful :) happy weekend xxo

  11. Beautiful flowers. I think I'll try that next time I can't sleep, much better than counting sheep.

  12. omg these flowers are fantastic- wonderful!
    and your cat is too cute <3
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  13. Those flowers are absolutely delicious! And a gorgeous cat too. Lovely.

  14. Beautiful pics, beautiful cats. Flower therapy ... if only you could bottle it!