Tuesday, October 11, 2011

last weekend, in the catskills

a sunny autumn weekend 

lots of people out and about--cows too

where there are cows there are barns

I fattened up the field bags display

fussed around with seasonal decor

and themes

and other, more enigmatic aesthetic/styling decisions.

We went to dinner in Andes and saw the most amazing Italian street artist:

He is wearing a knight's helmet! Read more about it here.
It was a good weekend.


  1. glad you had a lovely weekend Jen!
    ( what on earth is that man doing??? )

  2. What a wonderful shop. I am glad you are still going to do it. I want to visit it and look all around at everything! I'm glad you had a beautiful weekend!

  3. Your shop looks v. inviting. I love that cottage wood grained piece.

    I repeat, you are too far away.

    xo jane

  4. I love the look of your store. So wish I could visit. If and when my Mr gets a job I am going to be treating myself to a few things and one of your red dragonfly bags will be top of my list! M x

  5. looks like you had a lovely weekend jen. and the shop looks great. i love those paintings. board paintings to lean against the wall....it's impossible to have too many.
    i hope your week is great too.

  6. hi Jen
    Don't forget to send me a mailing address to send your birdie too. I decided to mail a tiny bird to everyone that made a comment in my giveaway.

    Thanks for your nice comments !
    it means a lot to me
    -KAT- from Kat's nature

  7. Hi,Jen. We had lovely days in the last weekend here in Japan as well. You made up your shop enthusiastically,and it looks seasonal and very lovely. And what a street artist!

  8. Autumn is such a nice time to get away to the country, isn't it! Glad you had fun... the shop looks good!

  9. Just did a post about those bags, they're so cool! I'm going over to the online store to browse...

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love the cow sign in the first one. And your store is looking awesome, of course. It's such a cool place! Those bags are just amazing.

  11. Your shope looks fantastic Jen.

    Oh how I would love a rummage around it
    you never know what I might find to bring
    home to Ireland!

    The bags are great too.

    Have a good weekend.

    x Fiona