Saturday, September 3, 2016


Andes, New York

 It's been a summer of variations on the themes of recent summers. 
Some weekends in the Catskills, not enough, but one day, if I'm lucky,
I will have lots and lots of time there, whole seasons to explore
all those greens.

jewel weed, also known as touch-me-not

As ever I am enchanted by wildflowers, little gifts that just appear
on roadsides and streamsides, unmowed lawns, 
wherever there is a little bit of space and dirt and light.

Taki the cat; Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Ten days in NYC, apartment/cat/garden sitting
for one of my sons. 
Ten days of walking, taking ferries, subways and busses,
taking it in, that endlessly interesting city.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Botanic gardens in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Monet, Metropolitan Museum of Art

So many museums.

There have been lots of cats as well.
I fostered three litters of kittens for the shelter where I volunteer
(and kept the one in the picture).

I am fortunate to experience so much goodness and beauty.
The real life problems exist, 
but I just want to share the good things, 
and hope you find a bit of pleasure in them,
a reminder maybe of some wildflowers you saw,
or a kitten you once loved.

xo, Jennifer



  1. Hello Jennifer, You are right that there are good things to be found everywhere. I do miss living in a natural woods setting, but I still find a lot of interest living in a large, Chinese-speaking city (which still retains a few of its old brick buildings), and spending the summer in Shaker Heights, a city in which walks are enlivened by all the beautiful houses and shady streets one wanders by.

    1. Yes! With an open mind and heart there are things of interest to be found everywhere. Look up, look down. Shaker Heights in summer sounds lovely.

  2. This one made me cry, such lovely words and pictures, and a reminder about why we share the good things. Wonderful post, thank you. X Joanna

    1. Thank you so much, Joanna. That means a lot to me.

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  4. Sounds like the perfect Summer. Love your picture of the waterfall and your painting of the waterlilies, stunning! New York never disappoints. Enjoy the rest of it after all here comes September, best weather. XOXO

    1. I wish I could claim that painting, but it's Monet. I'd better go caption it! After seeing the lily ponds at the gardens and his paintings I was really inspired, but I need to let it all digest a bit. It's been so hot and dry, I can't wait for autumn!

    2. OK, I thought so but I also think you can do that! Really! I know the lily pads are breathtaking. We're having such gorgeous weather this week that I just want to make time stand still.

  5. Lovely kitten - tabbies are irresistible. Beautiful photo of the water lilies, the way you leave open space catching the clouds overhead. What is the title of the last painting? And its artist? An eye-catcher.

    1. Haha that last painting is mine. I had an orange tabby once, but never a gray, and I am smitten. He's the greatest--super affectionate and tons of character.

    2. Yes, I thought it looked like your work rarefied. You're getting better and better. I saw glass. But when I looked closely, I couldn't see how you did it. Impressionism at its best.

    3. Thank you so much, Karen. That means a lot to me.

  6. It's always my great pleasure to read your words, see beautiful photos, say hello to your kittens and be impressed by your paintings.

  7. And I did once love a kitten, very much. It was during a rough patch of my childhood. The kitten's name was Charming Jones and for a time she fit into my pocket and accompanied me just about everywhere I went, except school. She was gray and white and had kitten thumbs. :)

  8. This is another post with your painting! I look at the painting and admire your talent, Jen!