Saturday, October 20, 2012

vistas, New Mexico

I rhapsodized about New Mexico's varied landscapes in my last post, but didn't include pictures of them. My little point and shoot camera and I cannot do them justice. For example, the above is another picture of the Taos Pueblo. Taos is at 7000+ feet altitude, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are more than 13,000 feet, but you get no sense of that from the picture. They look like big hills.

I am better with the closeups. 
However here are some vistas, to give you an idea:

 The leaves on the cottonwood trees glow. It's strange to see all that vibrant yellow against the stark mountains.

Just a taste of what I've seen. Do an internet search for "New Mexico landscape images" for more and better.

"The skies and the land are so enormous, and the details so precise and exquisite that wherever you go you are isolated in the world between the micro and the macro, where everything segues under you and over you and the clock stopped long ago."
                                                                  --Ansel Adams (on New Mexico)


  1. Cotton trees have interesting shape and colour, and give a specific scenery against the rock mountains.
    The excerpt of Ansel Adams is lovely. I'm sure he was attracted by the landscapes for taking his maginificent photos.

  2. stunning. there is nothing wrong with your pictures. thanks for sharing xxx

  3. I've been there but never in the Fall. Love the yellow trees against the gray mountains. Hope you're having a great time, it's very beautiful there.

  4. Your photos do justice to the Ansel Adams's description.
    Love the place Jen!

  5. So pretty. Thank you for taking the time to post while you're enjoying time away.

  6. My favorite is the adobe house. Your pictures are great Jen. With a point and shoot, what you see is what you get. For the most part. With the new expensive cameras and Photoshop one never knows what's really real.

  7. Jen,
    it looks amazing and like you are having a fabulous time! There is so much to see there, enjoy!

  8. You make me miss the southwest.

    Thanks for taking us with you.

    xo Jane

  9. So glad you got a chance to visit. You and I changed places! We just got back from New England. We camped with the family on the Jemez river over the weekend whenwe got back, and the yellow cottonwoods are unearthly! So glad you came in fall!