Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Monday

My Massachusetts kitchen.

When I asked you to guess what color teapot I bought, I forgot there was a red herring on the path--the future (possibly red) Catskills kitchen influenced some of you.  I didn't chose it with a kitchen in mind, but to complement the mugs I always drink tea from. 

For several years my husband got these mugs, which I adore, for me for Christmas. However my teapot was white with blue flowers which clashed, but it never occurred to me to buy another one until it broke.

You can see that I chose orange, which many of you guessed. I like to carry a small pot of tea, a mug and a book to my favorite reading chair. It's nice and heavy, has a removable infuser, and I love the warm color and chunky shape. Right now I am re-reading West With the Night by Beryl Markham, which is fascinating and beautifully written. The pile of books in the picture is my growing winter reading collection. I panic at the thought of a reading shortage.

My weekend was good, but no time for details now as I have work to do and tomorrow I'm going on vacation. I hope to post from the road and to keep up with your blogs, but if I'm absent you'll know why. Since you are so good at guessing, where do you think I'm going? My criteria was, in the U.S. and a different (from the northeast) landscape. I'll make it easier and tell you I was influenced by an artist.

Enjoy your week.



  1. Ohh, I guessed wrong. The orange kettle looks great, but I thought all kettles looked nice. It's such a pretty shape.

    Wish you a lovely holiday! Enjoy.

    Madelief x

  2. Yes, the orange kettle is nice.

    Taos or Santa Fe? - O'Keefe
    I hope you're going there anyway so I can hear about it.
    Have a great vacation Jen!

  3. I am not at all good at guessing. I guess like Rubye Jack - O'Keefe. I love your new teapot. It has that cozy air about it. I do love your post, Jen. It is beautiful! Well, enjoy your time away and I am looking forward to your news on the road! Christa

  4. Your teapot suits the mugs very well Jen.
    They were all nice.

    Perhaps you are going to Florida!
    Wherever it is, have a wonderful vacation.
    look forward to reading your traveling posts.

    1. One day I want to visit the Florida Keys--that is a very different landscape too.

  5. love you mugs Jen they are really cute!
    Iam wishing you a wonderful vacation : )

    ... and I am very curious about where you're heading...

    lots of love

    1. I love them too. And it made it easy for my husband to buy me gifts. :)

  6. You are good at arranging and enrich your time. I will try to do that way, too! Thank you for your interesting post, Jen.
    Have a good vacation.

  7. I too guessed New Mexico but only n my mind cause gus layed down on the computer and took me elsewhere.

    Have a wonderful time.

    eat spicy.

    xo Jane

  8. Love the mugs. Great teapot. Send blogs from wherever you go.

  9. Now that we see the teapot in place, the color choice was inevitable.
    Use it in good health.
    --Road to Parnassus

  10. Lovely bright teapot and gorgeous mugs, although no use to me as I only drink water (or wine!).
    Have a wonderful vacation wherever you go dear friend and I look forward to seeing/reading all about it. Relax and enjoy! M x

  11. hmmm, I don't know my way around the US, so I won't guess. I hope you have fun, tho (and maybe you can share what's on that pile of winter reading material? I can't quite read it all :) xx

  12. Hello,
    Enjoy your break away and 'go were your heart leads you'.....
    Couldn't begin to guess as unsure of the US, but it all sound exciting!
    Love the tea pot from earlier post too...
    Love Maria x

  13. Love the orange. New Mexico, Georgia O'Keefe territory.

  14. Look forward to posts from the road! Love the teapot and that fawn sign...sweet! And your mention of tea and books has me hoping for a chilly rain.