Wednesday, July 4, 2012

pinup potholders

I'm back from the Catskills, and I took bundles of pictures of water, rocks, wildflowers, frogs, beetles...but I know what you really want to see is the potholders!

 I've given you a glimpse of them before,

and due to your strong interest in them (so many comments!) I took pictures of all of them. They were such a hit in the store the last time I got them, that I had to get one more batch before I close.

Happy Independence Day!

They are made by Meagan, who lives near Boston and who has an Etsy Store, Fussy Gussy (here) where she sometimes sells the potholders, and other fun things. And for you crafty types, she sells the fabrics here.

Enjoy them. I'll be back with rocks and water soon!



  1. lol, they are hilarious :)

  2. Wellcome back, Jen, and
    "Happy Independence Day!"
    And July forth is my birthday.

  3. How absolutely brilliant! These have made me laugh out loud - SO funny!
    Thanks for the jolly!
    Best wishes from England,
    Paula x

  4. How incredibly different, and a great way to add a smile to cooking!

  5. what a perfect way to use that fabric. fabulous!!!
    and, happy birthday, haricot.

  6. So glad you are all enjoying them. The outdoor theme and kitschiness makes them perfect for the Catskills. (My gay and lesbian friends have been snapping them up to use as gifts, and two young women bought one of the hunky guys to give to their mother.)

    We have the world's ugliest kitchen there, and when we redo it I'd love to use the fabric somehow--maybe cafe curtains...