Sunday, February 20, 2011

the last flowers of Manet

So sweet. I love the wildflowers jammed in a vase look. I have a lot of milk glass vases and some old mason jars I will put in the store when we are on the cusp of spring and dreaming of picking flowers. Manet from this book.


  1. Jennifer,
    These photos of houses and art are beautiful and arresting. That little house in Hull? Delightful.

    As you know, I am in love with these shapes that we live in--houses, homes.

    Already, it's obvious that you have a terrific sense of color and style. Again, the color and composition of these photos are delicious.

    I am dying to visit your new store! Please post some pictures of what you're selling.
    Thanks. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. Thanks, Jessica. I will post pictures of things I am selling and the stories behind them from time to time. Meanwhile there are some pictures on the store website: Your comment reminded me of some wonderful paintings of houses you put on your blog once, by a Cape Cod (I think) artist. Jennifer

  3. Hello Jen, I found your blog from a link at Lance and Jane's blog. I love these paintings! I have the book too. What treasures he created though ill. Thanks for reminding me . . . I am taking my book off the shelf. ;>)