Tuesday, September 22, 2015

flowers, painting, cats, books

Hello, friends. I post infrequently here these days, but this is still a special place to me.
I'm very active on Instagram--I usually post one or two pictures a day,
 it's become my online community. 

Like blogging, it can be what you want to be.
There are maybe 30 or 40 people who post regularly on subjects I enjoy
(flowers, painting, cats, books) 
and that I look forward to, and who I feel a connection with. 

There are others I follow for other reasons. 
(Great travel pictures, funny cat pictures, artists, street photography.) 
It's visual, words are brief, but do exist, and it doesn't devour time. 
You can't go into depth like you can in a blog, 
but it's been a while since I've gone into depth here, 
said anything new.

 I also don't like posting the same things here that I do on instagram. 
Each place should be different.
I am planning to post more regularly on my art blog, 
because I feel like I have new things to explore on that subject.
Here, it seems like I've just been doing the same thing over and over.
(I went to the Catskills/Brooklyn/Provincetown, I'm reading this book, Aji is smelling flowers)

That works better on Instagram.
For instance I love seeing Jane's Gus and Lucy every night.
I miss them when they aren't there.

 I'm not stopping-- I will post here now and then.

(edit: After I published this I went to a pick your own flower farm
where I saw many varieties of sunflowers and immediately got an idea for a blog post!)

 I think/hope there will come a time when I'll find something new to say.
But it will require thought and effort on my part.
There's something I'm considering, but I'm not sure....

I have a bit of news to share.
I now have a website for my art (here)
and I've joined two galleries--
The Loading Dock Gallery in Lowell, MA and
The Longyear Gallery in Margaretville, NY 
(in the same building where I had my store!)

Huge thanks to all of you who supported and encouraged
my return to painting. It means the world to me.

I am so very grateful for the friends I've made here.
You've seen me through some rough spots
(which, of course I didn't blog about).

xo, Jennifer


  1. I love your blog. Don't worry about writing about the same things ... that's what we love to hear about and why we keep on coming back! That painting is beautiful. M x

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and kind words about my painting. I feel the same way about other people's blogs. Maybe I just need a little nudge. Of course right after I wrote it I got an idea for a post!

  2. Hello, Jen - I feel exactly like Vintage Jane; there's something reassuring about old blog-friends and their subject-familiarity, and I hope you won't give up, as I'd miss you. So glad you are finding so much joy in painting and wish you every success.

    BTW, speaking of missing people, where is the other Jane? I've emailed, but not a peep from her.

    1. I definitely won't give up--that would make me sad! Thanks for the kind words. Jane is very busy, but you can follow her on Instagram--she's there once or twice a day usually. You don't even have to join to see someone's posts you just can't see comments or comment. Joining is also a very simple non-invasive process. Her user name is flwjane.

  3. Hello Jennifer, I never find your blog repetitive. You keep coming up with new outlooks and insights within your established framework, which gives us a comfort level with your blog, as well as a base by which to evaluate the new ideas.

    1. Thanks so much, Jim. That means a lot to me.

  4. Have you ever looked at Instagram on your computer? Photos are big there and can be enlarged! Can't comment on other comments. Still the eye candy factor is definitely increased!

  5. As usual, your photos are wonderful. Your paintings, too.

  6. I know what you mean about redundancy on the blogs, that's why I write less and it also seems as if everyone is gone which is a little sad. I miss everyone and I'm not in Instagram, I take peeks but can't comment...that's OK I know everyone is still out there somewhere. Don't stop blogging please.

    1. I won't, and really it is kind of comforting--I like hearing how Max is doing and what you've been cooking. I wish you would post more!

  7. OMG I just wrote a blog post and here you are too! great-'ish minds and all that.

    Thank god we have IG, we're in contact almost every day. But words are nice too.

    We are big readers after all.

    Happy to find you here.

    xo J

    1. Maybe it''s a seasonal thing. On dark winter evenings we'll be writing away.

  8. good to hear that you stick around here too. I hear your arguments in favour of Instagram but they also make me sad. it's easier. takes less time. hello instant gratification/consumer society. they've successfully ruined our attention span or willingness to engage with anything but cute kittens or trained us to be outraged whenever it is they are not selling us fear. I just can't do it. there is the occasional account I enjoy, but it drives me crazy most of the time. maybe it's because I live in a big city or work as a graphic designer and am already bombarded by images 24/7. who knows... anyways. I hope you come back here or to your other blog. I'd miss you if you'd go...

    1. I won't go. But there was a big gap since my last post., that I needed to explore. The only way to control instagram is to limit the people you follow--find a small group you like and connect with--not unlike what happened here (for me). I do think your constant exposure too images helps explain your aversion (at least partly). Anyway, cheers to working on lengthening our attention spans. Actually, that something I'm taking seriously these days.

  9. I´m glad you are back! I´m not in Instagram, I don´t even have a modern cell phone... My old Nokia phone still running.
    As amelia says don´t stop blogging, please.

    1. Good for you. I held out until my last phone died, and then I gave in. :-)

  10. I love the morning glory's flower in your photo. Its blue is full of youth. This flower always open in the early morning, telling us something pleasant will be visiting us.

    1. I love them too. Once I saw them covering a chain ling fence surrounding an urban parking lot, and they stole my heart!