Sunday, September 14, 2014

the roses of Kew

My favorite places at Kew Gardens were the rose gardens 
and the lily pond (saved for another day)

 I arrived at the gardens early and was the only person among the roses.
They made me crazy with happiness.

 They weren't tended to. Their entire life cycles were on view everywhere I looked.
I have no idea why, as other gardens were traditionally, immaculately snipped and shaped.
Of course I loved it this way.

 This was my favorite color.

 And now, of course, I want to grow roses.

 I have a couple of sweet and easy floribunda, 
but none of the extravagant colors, shapes, or fragrances.


  1. I love the color of those last ones, apricot maybe. I had roses in my other house, for years they did beautifully and I did very little then all of a sudden one, my favorite a yellow climber, got blackspot and no matter what I did they all got it and started to deteriorate. I have a fairy rose here which I hate, maybe I'll plant some because I do love them. Enjoy your time off!

    1. Why do you hate the fairy rose? Yellow and orange are my favorite rode colors these days.

    2. Beautiful Jen!

      Have a lovely week!

      Madelief x

    3. Thanks, Madelief. I'd love to visit your garden one day!

  2. absolutely beautiful

  3. Hello Jen,

    We can picture you amongst the Roses, revelling in the scents, colours and shapes! Kew is a great place to experience plants but the problem is that one starts to want them all!

    1. I'd love to make a long trip to England visiting gardens!

  4. Wow, it must have been amazing to sit quietly among those beautiful roses. What a treat, Jen.