Saturday, July 5, 2014

curious jen

 Orange roses.

It started at Two Old Tarts last weekend.
Orange roses among cakes and pies and tarts.
Instead of eating my dinner I kept taking pictures.

So when I saw a bunch of orange roses for sale
Enough for two vases. So I'd never be too far away from them.
Why? What is it about that color? And me and flowers?

 And why are cats endlessly amusing?
It rained all day and they hung out on their ironing board perch
while I primed the walls in the upstairs hall.

For five years there have been six large paint swatches 
in blues and greens on those walls.
And this picture.
Now it's a nice fresh primer white and I just might keep it white.
A big step for me. (Understand, my dining room is pink.)

Eventually Aji roused herself to investigate
the roses in my bedroom.

And I'm thinking it might be time to paint a mural.
Something with a cat or two. 
And orange roses.


  1. Hello Jen,

    Well, of course, it would have been home from home for us in Two a Old Tarts! It looks fabulous, we are certain that we could have stayed there all day....especially if there was DIY at home to look forward to!

    Cats we used to find are endlessly fascinating but very much their own 'person', only involving themselves in one's life when they choose to or when they are sufficiently hungry. Dogs are quite different.

    1. Two Old Tarts is wonderful. In fact I went back for brunch the next day. Blueberry pancakes!

  2. Your roses look beautiful Jen!

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

    1. Hi Madelief--hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  3. Gorgeous blooms and pussy cats! I can watch puss cats for ages and never get bored, especially the younger ones. We have a visiting kitty who is endlessly amusing with her antics but our cat marmalade, being an old lady, barely tolerates her!

  4. Hello Jen, I have never seen orange roses like those. In some of the photos, they almost look like glowing coals, quite a dramatic effect against the dark cats!

    1. Jim--the colors in the last two pictures are closer--not sure why the first ones are glowing. However the last two are a little duller than reality. The tips of each petal are a dearer fiery orange.

  5. Yes, paint some kitties. I can hardly wait to see your take on the artistry of the cat. Picasso-esque? Renoir-ish. Dali - yes, Dali. Or maybe your own version of a Keene. Wouldn't that be a hoot.

    1. Don't tempt me. But that reminds me of some cat art I bought in the Catskills. Will have to post. A standard I could never meet.

  6. What a wonderful color, so vibrant. I wonder if the kitties are attracted to the color? Or are they color blind as are dogs and just love flowers? I love your mural idea and I'm still laughing at Two Old Tarts!

    1. Aji loves all flowers. I'm guessing it's the smell?
      Isn't two old tarts the best name? And it fits them perfectly. I'm so happy for them. It's hard to have a successful business in our rural part of the Catskills, but they've done it.

  7. Sign me up for breakfast at Two Old Tarts! Can't stop laughing. Would love to see you do such a mural and dare I suggest, a la Matisse? I know you could, Jen. And it would be tres magnifique, aussi!
    Diane in still
    too hot Denver

    1. Diane--what a fun idea. Maybe I will try that one day.
      Stay cool!

  8. A lovely post Jen,
    I like your idea of a mural.. As Anonymous wrote.. something A la Matisse..
    your kitty aji is so curious. Its got to be the smell that attracts her.
    Sounds like you are enjoying your time at the Catskills Jen.
    happy days ..

  9. I saw some pale orange roses in a garden today and thought of you, but vibrant!