Sunday, May 6, 2012

weekend in the Catskills

Quiet in the store, but it looked nice. 
There were festivities.
An opening in the art gallery next door;
  a Cinco de Mayo birthday party which involved 
huge quantities of Mexican food, 
laughter, carrot cake, four French bulldogs and a giant full moon. 
Fresh eggs for breakfast. Blueberry muffins. 
A waterfall. Forget Me Nots galore.


  1. Hello Jen:
    Whatever, you do seem to have had a full and enjoyable weekend with many good things going on. We hope that your week will be equally so.

  2. Love all your pretty pictures, especially the cows, hope you had a good weekend, its raining here! what a suprise. Julie xxx

  3. What artistic pictures they are! I think you know how to enjoy your time and make it better. How nice!

  4. sounds great :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I can almost feel the cool mist coming from the waterfall.. so very pretty! Sending you good wishes for a pleasant week...

  6. Hi Jen, a wonderful place to spend a weekend.All your pictures feature my very favourite blue/green colours!

  7. Now that's a weekend!

    I would be your best customer you know.....

    xo Jane

  8. Is the green pottery a Haeger? Whatever it is, I love it!
    Cinco de Mayo is one of the best holidays except for maybe Day of the Dead or Halloween. It sounds like fun.

  9. Hello Jen,
    Sounds like you spent a nice holiday! Cinco de Mayo birthday party? Is it popular to celebrate his birthday?
    I also enjoyed a giant full moon. It was so beautiful these past few days.

  10. just are lucky to have such beautiful places to go there

  11. We were so eager to see the giant full moon and instead, we have had clouds. Your store is lovely. I love seeing pictures of it.

  12. Fresh eggs and blueberry muffins - perfect country weekend!! I love blueberry muffins. Can't wait until they're ready for picking. :)

  13. Sounds so peaceful, festive, relaxing, fun!

  14. It sounds good Jen! Especially those blueberry muffins :-)

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x